Project L.I.V.E.

"Learning Interventions Vital to Existence"
After School Program

We provide services to Broward County youth by providing effective diversion and intervention programs as well as activities to prevent juvenile delinquency. 

Services will be provided to youth who are identified as at -risk of becoming involved in the juvenile justice system and are between the ages of five (5) to seventeen ( 17). 

At-risk youth is defined as any youth who exhibits problem behaviors such as ungovernability, truancy, and running away from home. Additionally, a youth who has an identified risk record of referrals, schools and drugs, mental health, attitudes/behaviors, aggression, and skills domains are considered at-risk.

Project L.I.V.E. Brochures

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Program Description

Program Description

Eligibility Criteria

Referrals and Sources

Services Offered

Other Services Available

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Sponsored by Prevention Central and the State of Florida.