(His Involvement Matters)

The presence of nurturing fathers has a profound impact on children’s health and well-being. H.I.M is an evidence-based program that empowers dads to build strong relationships with their children. The goal of this program is to build a human service culture that’s father inclusive, while engaging and serving fathers by increasing awareness of the positive impact of father involvement on the well-being of children, mothers, families, and communities!

The H.I.M Program helps fathers to be better parents through:

- Weekly Fatherhood individual sessions.
- Weekly Fatherhood individual sessions through the 24:7 Dad® curriculum.
- Monthly Fatherhood group sessions/outings.
Education on building healthy relationships and parenting skills.
- Fun events and activities to do with your children.
- Access to resources for your growing family, including groceries, baby items like diapers and car seats, gift cards and more.
- Comprehensive support at no cost for fathers from diverse backgrounds.

Eligibility Criteria

Expecting Father

New Father

Teen Father

Fathers with Blended Families

Fathers of Young Adults

Father Figures

H.I.M Program Session Structure

12 two-hour sessions in the A.M. program

12 two-hour sessions in the P.M. program

Alumni/Graduate Component


Serving Fathers of all kinds across Broward County and surrounding communities!

H.I.M. Program Key Components (A.M.)

Family History

What it Means to Be a Man

Showing and Handling Feelings

Men's Health


The Father's Role


Children's Growth

Getting Involved

Working with Mom & Co-Parenting

Dads and Work

H.I.M. Program Key Components (P.M.)

Fathering and the 24:7 Dad

Boyhood to Manhood

Dealing with Anger

Knowing Myself

Family Ties

Sex, Love, Relationships

Power and Control

Competition and Fathering

Improving my Communication Skills

Fun with the Kids

Stress, Alcohol, and Work