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Jandra Alexander
SNAP Coordinator


A Fort Lauderdale native who’s professional work career spans over 20 years of social service throughout the State of Florida. Jandra served as Program Director and Outreach Director at the L.A. Lee YMCA located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for 13 years before transitioning to Mount Bethel’s Prevention Central Organization in 2020. Ms. Alexander is the founder and CEO of the non-profit organization, Queen Sister, Inc. and the Queen Sister Care Package Scholarship Foundation. Jandra is also a professional singer/actress, a proud member of the Trailblazers of Fort Lauderdale, a member of the Board of Directors for the Sistrunk Historical Festival Organization, a community organizer, and a member of countless community committees.

Ms. Alexander credits her push and strive for the betterment of her community to her family. Her father, William Alexander worked for the City of Fort Lauderdale for over thirty years. Her mother, a local pastor, was the Director of the historic Susie C. Holley Cradle Nursery and K-5 teacher at Mount Bethel Christian Academy for over 12 years. Jandra and her sisters, The Alexander Sisters, are known for their gospel-stylings in and out of the state of Florida. However, their work in the community is unmatched and that it because they were raised in the community that they serve. “I firmly believe that life without serving is just existence.”